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How to Buy a Bike For Kids

Executive Summary about kids bike by Ben Tullett

How to buy kids bikes, Kids love bikes and if you have children, chances are at some point or another you're going to have to buy them a bike. But there's more to buying a bike for kids than just picking a bike at random. You may be very tempted to keep your bike purchase a secret, especially if you're buying a bike for a kid's birthday or other holiday. When you first see the large selection of kid's bikes, you may be a little overwhelmed. Some girls' bikes are actually designed differently. Overall, however, there's no real functional difference between boys and girls bikes. Any girl can ride a bike built for a boy and vice versa if they want to.
Today's bikes often include some image or reference to popular TV characters. If your kid absolutely loves one certain show, buying him / her a bike with that show's character can be a great move. Unlike adult bikes, bike sizes for kids are based on the diameter of the wheel and not seat height and frame size. Kids Age - Inside Leg - Wheel Diameter
2-4 years - 35-42 cm (14-17 inches) - 12 inches
4-6 years - 40-50 cm (16-20 inches) - 14 inches
5-8 years - 45-55 cm (18-22 inches) - 16 inches
6-9 years - 50-60 cm (20-24 inches) - 18 inches
7-10 years - 55-63 cm (22-25 inches) - 20 inches
9+ years - 60-72 cm (24-28 inches) - 24 inches
Once you've determined the look and size of the bike, it's time to think about what kind of bike your kid needs.
How You Can Find Kids' Bikes

Executive Summary about kids bike by Melanie R Thomas
Make sure you read this article before you purchase any kid's bikes for your children.
Also specifically look for a balance bike, which is engineered especially for small children.
Your Balance Bike Checklist
Adjustable handlebars and seats. The best balance bike manufacturers make bikes that can be used for children between the age of one and five. Quality balance bikes last for years.
Footrests. It's extremely uncomfortable if there are no footrests on your child's balance bike. Puncture-Proof Tyres: Purchase kids bikes that have foam filled tyres so that they are puncture proof. 
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