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Lowrider Bikes History

Executive summary abaut Lowrider Bikes by Alastair Hamilton
Lowrider bikes history, one of the most splendid and unique products of this culture, are a cross between the Harley and the cruiser bike, decorated with paint and chrome and streamers, found in any all-American hometown parade.
As you might surmise, lowriding bikes hug the ground. The seat of a lowrider bike is down at wheel level and its pedals are sometimes higher than the seat! These bikes are typically a highly individualized creation. Despite the fact that these bikes originated within the poverty of the barrio, lowrider bikes are anything but cheap. As the baby boomer generation ages and feels increasing twinges of back pain riding on the dropped handlebars of road bikes, expect to see more and more lowrider and recumbent bikes alike.
And once you get your first basic lowrider bike, don't be too surprised if you find yourself flipping through the real or online pages of a lowrider parts catalog musing, "Hmm
Express Your Personality With the Lowrider Bike
Executive summary abaut Lowrider Bikes by Andrew Caxtown
The lowrider bike is also known as a "Chopper" or "Muscle Bike." What does a lowrider look like? The handgrips of the lowrider are the highest part of the bike, and the seat of the bike is down at wheel level. Whitewall tires, custom upholstery, chrome rims...the whole range of exotic accessories lies before the new lowrider owner. The Aztlan Lowrider Cruiser retails for $120, and consists of the lowrider frame, and wheels, a bent spring fork, bent sissy bar, and the banana seat. Then there's the Aztlan Gold Continental Lowrider, that comes with a gold flat twisted continental kit with chrome classic wheel, two gold mirrors, a gold bumper, and a gold bullet light. Among other styles Aztlan offers is the Birdcage custom - consists of the lowrider frmae, straight spoke wheels, a bent spring fork and sissy bar, banana seat, and a birdcage handlebar, seat post, birdcage pedals and nut covers, and a duck tail fender! 
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