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All About Bike Locks

Executive summary abaut bike lock by Joseph Devine
All abaut bike loks. No one wants to have their bike stolen. As such, it is important to know all about bike locks as a theft deterrent.
Bike locks are physical security devices that are used on bicycles to prevent theft. They fasten bikes to a bike rack, bike stand, or other immovable object. Unfortunately, for all of the innovations in bike locks over the years, there is still difficulty in securing a bike adequately. The most secure method of locking a bike involves locking the wheels and frame together and then to an immovable object. It's important to check that the immovable object to which the bike is locked is not short enough that the bike can be simply lifted over the top.
Locks vary in size and security. This protects not only the bike from theft but also anything else that might be on the bike.

Locking Your Bicycle

Mountain bikes can be used for trail riding, road bikes can be used for racing or distance riding, cruisers can be used for leisure rides, but every bike has something in common with every other bike. If you use your bicycle as a mode of transportation, it is important to have a bike lock. On top of that, it is important to have a good bike lock. While any lock will deter the average person from stealing your bike, you need a good lock to ward off the people who are out to steal your bike. When you lock your bike to a bike rack, you should make sure that your frame and front wheel are both secured to the rack. This is the safest way to lock your bike with a single lock.

Jumat, 28 September 2012

An Introduction to Bikes In India

An Introduction to bikes in IndiaApart for these, there are many advantages of having a bike in India. Moreover, you can use a bike to travel even on the very narrow roads with ease. Since then, India bikes have become the major segment in the two-wheeler industry.
Most of the leading India bike manufacturers get bike parts made in India itself. There are many different types of bikes that you can find on the Indian roads. You can find sports bikes, E-bikes, economy bikes and bikes that are suitable for all age groups.
You can find detailed information on different types of Indian bikes on a number of websites. With leading bike manufacturers such as Bajaj, Hero Honda and Yamaha, the main concern is to provide comfortable and efficient bikes. You can find a lot of information about bike manufacturers, latest bikes launched and their features just be searching on the internet. 

Kamis, 27 September 2012

The History of Pit Bikes

Executive summary abaut bike engine by Jan Klaas
Teh history of pit bikes. Originally a pit bike was a bicycle to get racers and mechanics from here to there in the pits. In the 1950's people started using the classic "mini-bike" to navigate the pits. The 4-stroke, horizontal engine which is considered as the basis for a great deal of pit bike engines today, became popular thanks to the introduction of the Honda Super Cub 50. Millions and millions were produced. Mechanics and racers liked to use these bikes to get around in racing pits. The honda Z50 mini trail was the first small Honda motorcycle produced to go off-road. This bike quickly became the first bike they ever rode for a lot of big names.
These bikes started to be mass copied by Chinese manufacturers.
Breaking In Your Pocket Bike Engine
Executive summary abaut bike engine by Gerry Korsten
A new pocket bike must be broken in correctly if you want the bike to function correctly. Opinions vary significantly on the correct way to break in a bike. We will discuss two widespread methods to break a pocket bike in. Heat cycling means you run the engine at idle or barely above idle for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. After this time the engine will be right below the normal operating temperature. Then you turn the engine off and let the bike cool down. When you have finished this process, run the bike at an easy pace for about 1 full tank of gas. Don't put stress on the engine and avoid high RPM.

By accelerating, decelerating and hitting varying RPMS you will break in the engine. Although you don't have to ride the bike too hard, you also shouldn't ride so slowly that the clutch never completely engages or you will burn out the clutch. When you are breaking your bike in, your oil and gas mixture will be slightly different than during normal riding. If your ratio is correct the plug's insulator will be a medium tan-ish color. 
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How To Cycling in the City

Executive summary abaut bike city by Rudi Kiya

How To Cycling in the CityPros: Cycling is one of the best means of transit. Most buses are outfitted with bike racks and other modes of transportation such as subways generally allow a few bikes per car for those people commuting from longer distances. Cyclists are also seeing cities changing to accommodate their needs. Bike lanes and streets which are bike friendly are beginning to be a part of the city. One of the biggest benefits of cycling is the lower costs associated with it. Biking in the city can be a dangerous activity. Inadequate laws can be problematic to cyclists. Currently, other than owning a bike little else is required by law to outfit cyclists. There are occasionally cyclists who disrespect the rules by taking non-cycling routes which can be deadly as narrow roads, dark conditions and lack of safety equipment can lead to accidents. Cycling is a great activity.
How to Tell If a City is Bike-Friendly
Executive summary abaut bike city by Darla Blackmon
In 1974 a French city initiated a free bike program with yellow bicycles that were free to take and use. Does the city use sharrows?
A "sharrow" is a shared-lane marking system for roadways. The green lanes are usually installed within travel lanes that are shared by bicyclists and other vehicles.
Are there bike boxes at major intersections?
A bike box is a green box that is painted on the road with a white bicycle symbol inside. Are the streets wide? Do they have clearly marked bike lanes?
Though wide city streets are good for the cyclists, bike lanes are actually far better, they help define road space, promote a more orderly flow of traffic, help cyclists know which direction to travel in, and give them a clear place to ride as opposed to using the sidewalks.
Are there bike racks for parking?
Racks need to cradle the entire bike and allow the user to lock the frame and wheels of the bike. What about bike racks on public transport?

In a bike friendly city, the Department of Public Transportation usually works with cyclists to meet their needs. City buses can carry two bikes in the front or back, and the drivers will sometimes allow the cyclist to bring their bike inside. Rail vehicles can often carry 4 bikes per car. Overall, a bike-friendly city will have a solid bicycle culture and a well-developed infrastructure that favors cyclists. 
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Bike Brakes

Bike Brakes Buying Guide
Executive summary abaut bike brakes by John Charter Davis

Bike Brakes Buying Guide. Your bicycle's brakes are its main safety feature. There are many types of bike brakes for different applications.

Brakes are the component of the braking system that actuate the brake pads and directly apply stopping power to either the rim or the hub of a bicycle wheel.
Brake pads
Brake pads are pressed to the rim or disc to apply stopping power. Each style of bike brake has a specific style of pad that will work properly with that brake.
Brake levers
Brake levers actuate the caliper and are normally located on the handlebars. With dual control levers you have to determine the proper brake interface and shift interface.
Drop bar levers
Drop levers are typically designed to work with center-pull or side-pull brakes. If you are using linear pull brakes with drop levers, you must use a lever that is designed to function with the increased mechanical advantage that linear pull brakes afford.
Flat bar levers
Center pull and side pull use one type of lever, while linear pull brakes need a special lever.
Aero levers
Rim brakes Rim brakes apply stopping power (friction) to your wheel's rim. Rim brakes are generally actuated with a cable which is pulled with a lever mounted on the bike's handlebars.
Linear pull
Linear pull brakes use a cable stop to act as one anchor point, stopping the cable housing and anchoring the cable's end on the other brake arm.
 Side pull
Side pull brakes have a single cable running down the side of the caliper and work similarly to linear pull in that the housing and cable work together to actuate the brake arms.
Single pivot:
In single pivot caliper brakes, both brake arms pivot around a single, central point that also anchors the caliper to the bicycle.
Hub Brakes Hub bike apply stopping power to your wheel's hub. Sometimes they are internal (drum and coaster brakes), and sometimes they are external (disc brakes). External hub brakes are generally actuated with a lever attached to the handlebars
Drum brakes
Drum brakes are actuated by a brake lever, generally mounted on the handlebars. The brake actuation presses brake pads against the inner wall of the hub shell.
 Coaster brakes
Coaster brakes work in a similar fashion to drum brakes. The large difference is actuation; while drum brakes are actuated via a brake lever, coasters function with a reverse pedaling motion. 
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Bicycle Pumps

Bicycle Pumps From Barbieri
Executive Bike Pump by Rob J Paulton
Bicycle pumps from barbieri, Mr. Adriano Barbieri began his well known career as a bicycle mechanic. Happily Mr. Barbieri was a brilliant man whose ingenuity and creativity brought about the invention of the world's first Chain Cleaner. Fortunately if you have the Barbieri Carb 11 function tool, you can easily extract that broken link and replace it right there on the trail. A Barbieri tool saves the day!
In addition to the multi tools, Barbieri also makes a useful mack daddy tool kit for your repairing needs. The Barbieri full sized tool kits will help you get the job done in the shop without having to search for the right tool in your standard car tool kit because these tool kits are made expressly for bicycles so the right tool is right there, all organized in a handy "always be prepared" hard shelled carrying case for quick, and hopefully easy repairs.
Throughout the past years Mr. Barbieri, along with his children Kalman and Nadia have taken Barbieri PNK to all new heights of advancement with the addition of multi-tools, double function pocket bicycle pumps and other cycling accessories. 
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Bianchi Bikes

Ever Heard of Bianchi Bikes?
Executive Summary abaut Bianchi Bikes by John jacoby
Yes, there is such a thing called a Bianchi Bike. It's also a favorite among the fixed gear bike community.
A little about Bianchi Bikes
Formed by Edoardo Bianchi in Milan, Italy, Bianchi Bikes was founded in 1885 (that's old!). Known as one of the worlds oldest bicycle companies, Bianchi is known for race bikes, track bikes, leisure bikes, and even fixed gear bikes of the modern age. Bianchi in the US.Today, Bianchi makes bikes in the following categories: Ducati Corse, Hors Categorie, Born For Performance, Coast 2 Coast, Dama Bianca, D2 Special, Classica, Road Steel, MTB (mountain bikes )Performance, MTB Leisure, Sport, and Cross-Terrain. Also today, fixed gear fanatics like Bianchi bikes for their history, designs, and prestige (they also look great with Campagnolo parts).
Known from originating in Italy, Bianchi bikes now split their production in Italy and Taiwan. In the U.S., the majority of Bianchi bikes sold are made in Taiwan. Famous Riders
Traditional Bianchi Green
Regardless of the reason, Bianchi Green is part of the tradition and recognizable by Bianchi fans the world around.
So, Do You Want a Bianchi?
If you're thinking about getting your first road/mountain bike, Bianchi is definitely a brand to check out.
Bianchi Road Bikes
Executive Summary abaut Bianchi Bikes by Steve Brig
Bianchi Road Bikes are made in Italy and have a long history. Bianchi Cycles are also made in the USA California by the Bianchi USA division of the cycle makers and also produced in a cycle factory in Taiwan solely for the American market.
When Bianchi sponsored Italian Road Rider Costante Girardengo their bicycle sales grew by 70,000 in one year alone. Celeste is probably the most recognisable colour from any bike maker in the world and as such is a great advertising vehicle for the excellent Bianchi Road Bike range.
Bianchi are one of the largest producers of Bicycles in Europe and the top maker in their homeland of Italy they do not exclusively cater for the top end Road cycle market and produce bikes of all types and price ranges including Touring bikes and bianchi mountain bikes.

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Best Road Bikes

Best Road Bikes - Tips to Finding the Ideal Bike That Fits Your Style

Executive summary abaut Best road Bike by Brian J Taylor
If you are just getting started with cycling, then trying to find the best road bikes can be intimidating as there are literally hundreds of different bikes and styles to choose from. There are many different types of bikes available that are built for different purposes and terrains.
Best road bikes are built for smooth surfaces like pavement which also enables high speed riding. Hybrid bikes are ideal for both paved roads and mountain trails. Comfort bikes are more for leisure riding or cruising which feature wider tires for a smoother ride. Mountain bikes are built specifically for tough trails with a sturdy frame to withstand bumpy roads.
Choosing the best road bikes is a simply a matter of trying different types and choosing one that is most comfortable to you.

What is the Best Road Bicycle For Me?
 Executive summary abaut Best road Bike by Kevin Forrester

Millions of people worldwide are riding bikes, from the casual rider to the competitive athlete.
What is the difference between the low priced bikes and the higher priced bikes?
The price of the bike will also be a determining factor for many people when deciding the best road bicycle for them. Generally speaking an entry-level road bike will cost anywhere from $200 - $ 400 depending on what bike you buy and where you buy it. If you were planning on riding more than just once or twice a week then you would be better off buying a mid-range road bike. The mid-range road bikes will cost you anywhere from $500 - $1,000 once again depending on the bike and where you buy it. The higher-range road bikes can range dramatically in price and can reach prices in the $7000 dollar range with the lower end of the spectrum at around $1200 - $2000.
 What is the difference between the low priced bikes and the higher priced bikes?
The difference between the low priced, mid-range price and the higher-range priced road bicycles are basically in the quality of the components of the bike. Choose wisely and go with a bike and a manufacturer that has proven over time to produce a quality bike in the three different price ranges.
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Best Mountain Bikes

The Best Mountain Bikes Available Today
Executive summary abaut best mountain bike by Silmon Salwan
As a keen mountain biker, I am always looking for the best mountain bikes available. I have bought countless (well must be at least 10) mountain bikes over the years, and whenever I am looking to add to my collection or upgrade one of my bikes nowadays, I don't rush into it. Main reason for this is getting stung on the past, when I choose a new mountain bike and one for my wife, from a local specialist store.
I wanted to get my wife into mountain biking, but she didn't have a bike, or any experience. It does vary, but some of the best brands are Kona, Specialized, Marin, Trek, GT, Cannondale, Mongoose and Gary Fisher.
These days you can get many different kinds of bikes to suit all ages/sizes/styles and preferences. I am soon to start looking for a kids mountain bike for my boy. And hopefully (funds permitting) a new bike for my wife that she will be much more comfortable on.
Tips for Buying a Mountain Bike
Executive summary abaut best mountain bike by Alex Fir
What you need to do is to learn some easy tips for buying a best mountain bike.
Here are some of the best tips for buying a mountain bike:
You would have to get a more advanced bike if you are going to use it in rougher trails or if you are planning to join biking competitions.

- If you are planning to buy a new best mountain bike for yourself, you have to stick to your budget. Once you step into a bike shop, you would see a lot of mountain bikes that are tempting despite the high price tag. If you are planning to save some money, you can buy a basic mountain bike. Find a good dealer so that you can be properly matched with the right mountain bike.

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How to Choose a Bike for Commuting and Exercise

Executive Summary about best bikes by kenn Weis
How to Choose a Bike for Commuting and ExerciseBest Type of Bike for Commuting and Exercise
Most experts agree that hybrid bicycles, which are a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike, is your best choice for casual riding, exercise, trail riding and commuting.
What is a hybrid bicycle?
If you are not sure what a hybrid bike is, a hybrid is a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. A hybrid bike has a larger soft saddle than either a mountain bike or a road bike seat, and has upright handle bars to eliminate stress and pain on your back and shoulders. Advantages of a Hybrid Bike
Road bikes and mountain bikes, while are excellent for their intended purposes, they are not good multi-purpose bikes. With a hybrid bike, you can easily enjoy city riding, short to long road rides and trail rides, without missing a beat. A good quality, light weight hybrid bike with industry standard Shimano components will cost between $200 and $300.
How to Find the Best Bike for You
Executive Summary about best bikes by Heather Mattews
Three different bikes will be discussed in this article. The first bike type is the road bike. If you want your bike for daily travelling then the road bike is good for you. The tires of the bike are 26 inches and they are kept apart from each other at 2 inches wide. When it comes to speed then the mountain bike does not compare to the road bike. A combination of the mountain bike and the road bike is the hybrid. The hybrid has wheels that are 27 inches and 1 inch apart. With straight handlebars rider are sure to be better seated than the road bike.
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Beach Bikes

Tips on Choosing Beach Bikes

Executive Summary abaut Beach bike Alice Show

Beach cruiser lowriders or beach bikes have come a long way since they were first made in the 1950s. At that time, beach bikes were designed to look like a motorbike. Beach bikes are great comfort vehicles as they make cruising along the beach or the roads a breeze. But, for proper comfort, it is necessary to choose the right beach bike.

By the nature of their design, beach bikes are built to offer maximum comfort. Since beach bikes have a single speed, they are easy to ride. For most folks, beach bikes are the epitome of style. Today, most beach bikes are mass manufactured in China or Taiwan. This kind of large scale production affects quality. The best way to make out high quality bikes is to look for weld marks on the bike. Steel or aluminum? The bulk of beach bikes is made of steel. Test the brakes and buy the bike that calls out to you.

Selecting Beach Bike Accessories

Executive Summary abaut Beach bike by Kilian Allen

If it's character you want, beach bikes are your best bet.Bike locks must be hard, durable and easy to operate. The Front basket: Most people have it. These baskets come in a variety of styles. Most bike baskets have convenient handles to enable riders to carry them around comfortably even when they are not riding the bike. Horns & Bells: Most beach bikes have horns and bells. Helmets: Bike helmets may seem restrictive but wait till you catch a glimpse of the variety of helmets you come across when you buy beach bike accessories. Bike seats: Seats are a crucial part of the beach bikes.

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