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Get a Hitch Bike Rack and Keep Your Bike Safe

Executive summary abaut bike rack by Andrew Caxtown

Get a Hitch Bike Rack and Keep Your Bike Safe. If you've got a pickup truck or an SUV, you may think that you don't need to make an investment in a bike rack of any kind, because there's plenty of room in the back of the truck or your sports utility vehicle for a bike or two. You can't get a roof rack for your truck, obviously, and the roof of your SUV will be too high to comfortably lift a bike up to the roof.
No problem - if you've got a trailer hitch on the back of your truck or SUV, then all you need to do is get a receiver bike rack, more commonly known as a hitch bike rack. Everybody Wins with a Receiver Hitch Bike Rack
You can buy a hitch rack that will carry up to five bikes at a time.
If you've got a pickup or an SUV, then you've invested a lot in your vehicle. You've probably also invested a lot in your bike as well.
Bike Racks - How to Choose the Right One

Executive summary abaut bike rack by Mark S mayes

Selecting the right bike rack can be a challenge. There are basically 4 types of bicycle racks available today.
 Roof Mounted Bike Racks
Roof mounted bike racks are a popular choice for bike storage and transportation today. If you have a roof rack already mounted on your vehicle it makes this a much easier choice. However, there are some versions that work without a car roof rack.
Flying rocks and debris can hit the bike and cause damage.
Hitch Bike Rack
There are other versions available that allow the bike to swing away so the rear of the vehicle can be accessed. Many people like this type of a bike rack because the bicycle is protected from flying debris.
Truck Bed Bike Rack
This type of a rack firmly attaches to the bed of the truck and can carry one or more bikes. This works great as compared to just throwing bikes in the back of the truck. Using this type of a rack protects the bikes from getting damaged or bent.
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