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BIke Chain

How and When to Replace Your Bike Chain

Executive Summary about Bike Chain by Freddy R Jhonson

How long should you change or replace your chain?

The rule of thumb is every 1,000 miles. Do not wait until it reaches 3,000 mileage or more.Delaying your chain replacements is never good idea because it could damage your sprockets (front gears) and cogs (rear gears).

How much do chains cost?

Typically, they only cost about $10 to $30. Immediately replace your chain if you suspect they are worn out.

How to check your chain properly?

The best way is using a ruler to measure the chain. How do you measure it? Measure the distance between the chain link rivets. You should be able to get a 12-inch measurement. If you get slightly more than 1 millimeter, then you know that there is a stretch already. Measure the distance between the chain link rivets. Replace the chain immediately with a new one.

What tools do you need for removing the chain?

In reality, you will be changing chains quite frequently if you are an avid cyclist. The more you cycle, the easier your chain wears out and stretch. A chain gauge is like ruler, where its 2 edges can be stuck into the chain. Therefore, you could easily measure the chain's length.

When inserting the chain gauge into the chain, the 2 edges of the gauge should be able to fit nicely inside. If you notice any gaps, then you know that the chain is stretched.

How to Clean and Lubricate Your Bike Chain

Understanding your bike chain

There are 3 parts of the chains, namely the inner plate, chain pin and outer plate. The pin is responsible for attaching the inner and outer plates in place, forming a long chain.After prolonged usage, the chain will elongate. With higher elongation, its lateral movements also increase (affecting gear shifting).

How to prolong your chain's life

You have to clean your bike chain regulary. Generally, mountain bikers will need to clean their chain more often. Switch gears so that the chain wraps the biggest gear in front (sprocket with most teeth). In most cases, the chain and sprocket is made from steel.

How and when you should lubricate your chain?

Lubrication can prevent rust and other dirt problems.But only lubricate a clean chain. There is no point in lubricating a dirty chain. Experienced riders like to lube their chain one night before heading out for rides.Position the lube on the inner side of the chain and pedal backwards slowly.

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chosing a bike

Choosing a right Bicycle

Executive Summary about bike online by Jerry Goodwin

Wal-Mart is the largest bicycle retailer in the US. Target and other discount stores also sell many bicycles. While most of these bikes are bought by adults as gifts for children, many are indeed purchased for adults,

In 1998 I took that bike a 26' Roadmaster on a ride around South Georgia to help raise money for the Bikes or Bust which is operated through the Toy's for Tots Organization of the Marine Corps Reserves. I personally rode that bike 50 miles a day for 3 days. That was when full suspension bikes were just really hitting the market. The Roadmaster was not a full suspension bike and was purchased for 49.00 plus tax. There are many types of bicycles, such as BMX bike, Road Bikes, or Mountain Bikes. In the BMX line you will also hear the term Cruiser used to describe a bike that looks like a solid framed mountain bike, but has only one gear. There are also variations in the Mountain Bikes there is what is known as a hard tail as well as a full-suspension bike. If you are planning on getting the bicycle as a way of getting some exercise, then you can probably pick up a nice bike at any department store 70 to 80% of bikes bought for that reason usually end up in the garage until they get sold at a yard sale anyway.

A good shop will help you pick out a bike that fits your needs or the needs of the person you are getting the bike for. Often a shop can get you a good deal on a used bike, saving hundreds of dollars.

Jim Lau owns Cycle World in Albany Georgia. When we were looking to get our grandson a new bike we went to a shop that specializes in BMX Bikes. The closest shop that had the SE bikes was in Columbus Georgia, so we met Aaron Oney there and found not only a good bike shop and a great deal on a bike but also a new friend. I now have friends all over Georgia and even other states like Alabama, Ohio, and Texas that own Bike shops. If you want to get the best deal on a high quality bicycle then a bike shop is your only answer.

In Order To Find The Best Bicycle For Your Riding Pleasure Try Using An Online Internet Bike Store

Executive Summary about bike online by Tim Gorman

If you cannot find the bike that you want at a good price at you local bike store then you might have to look further afield. Some of the major bike stores that are in the bigger cities have some very good prices.

Some of the larger Internet bicycle store has a great selection and you can get very good deals on a wide range of bikes. If you know what you want, then you can try to find the best price for that bike.

The best-known Internet bicycle store is of course eBay. You can also get great used bikes there. There a lot of good places to buy bikes online and if you find a good Internet bicycle store then you can enjoy some really good savings.