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Choosing The Right Bike Tire

Executive Summary about bike tires by Laurence Vinn Jacobsenn
Choosing the right bike tire. One of the most essential parts of the bike is of course its bike tire. A bike tire has different classifications created to suit a biker's need. The most common is the clincher tire. This type of tire is usually used in road bikes.
This type of bike tire is quick and aggressive hence, it is thin and light. Then there is the mountain bike. It is built to handle challenges that are on the mountain trails or off-roads. It is built with sturdy rubber and a knobby thread. This type of bike tire is therefore not recommended for road or racing bikes because it will hold on to the pavement making your travel slow and hard.
Interestingly, this type is built for making tricks with your bike.
How to Put New Bike Tires on Rims
Executive Summary about bike tires by Allan Cassidy
What if you are riding your bicycle and your tire suddenly went kaput? You should know how to put those new bike tires on the rims of the wheel. Rim is what they call the circular metal where the tire is mounted on. Step 1: You will need the right size of bike tires, of course. Step 4: Once the tire has significantly deflated, it will be easier to detach it from the rim. Just push the screwdriver between the tire and the rim. Slowly pry the tire including the inner tub away from the rims. Just insert it in the new tire you have bought. Locate the bike rim hole and insert the tire stem in there. Proceed by inserting the rest of the tire in a circular motion. Step 7: Place the wheel back in the bicycle again and reattach the bolts. Now you can inflate the tire
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