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Jamis Bikes

Executive summary abaut jamis bikes Daren Davis
Jamis Bikes Background
Jamis Bikes is owned by the parent company G. Joannou Cycles who's CEO is Carol Joannou. The wide selection of bikes they create and distribute include road, hybrid, comfort, commuter bikes.
Jamis Bike Comparisons
Many people claim Jamis Bikes offer great value for money, unlike their fellow manufacturers, who charge a overcharge for their emblem. The frames are generally well designed and the components used reflect the price paid for the bike.
Concluding Comments on Jamis Bikes
Among the 09 range of bicycles, Jamis has unveiled the Jamis Commuter 4, Xenith T2, DakarBam II and the Eclipse.
Jamis Road Bikes - Fulfilling The Impossible
Executive summary abaut jamis bikes by Laurence Vin Jacobsen
Jamis persistently serve bike addicts with an all out passion to create and deliver Jamis road bikes that are nothing short of perfection. The company has achieved a superb success in the bicycling industry for they have considered the diversity of ways in road biking. The Jamis bikes generally undergo a concept known as Size Specific Tubing which involves weighing and flex-testing every single carbon frame to maximize the performance of every frame size. This entails the dedication of the company to create an output that is refined, purpose- focused, and intrinsically perfect. Jamis consistently discovers using the latest technology special methods and materials to employ in their products.
The result of the company's endeavor to give uncompromising products is the manufacture of Jamis road bikes which are characterized with high endurance. 
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