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Beach Bikes

Tips on Choosing Beach Bikes

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Beach cruiser lowriders or beach bikes have come a long way since they were first made in the 1950s. At that time, beach bikes were designed to look like a motorbike. Beach bikes are great comfort vehicles as they make cruising along the beach or the roads a breeze. But, for proper comfort, it is necessary to choose the right beach bike.

By the nature of their design, beach bikes are built to offer maximum comfort. Since beach bikes have a single speed, they are easy to ride. For most folks, beach bikes are the epitome of style. Today, most beach bikes are mass manufactured in China or Taiwan. This kind of large scale production affects quality. The best way to make out high quality bikes is to look for weld marks on the bike. Steel or aluminum? The bulk of beach bikes is made of steel. Test the brakes and buy the bike that calls out to you.

Selecting Beach Bike Accessories

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If it's character you want, beach bikes are your best bet.Bike locks must be hard, durable and easy to operate. The Front basket: Most people have it. These baskets come in a variety of styles. Most bike baskets have convenient handles to enable riders to carry them around comfortably even when they are not riding the bike. Horns & Bells: Most beach bikes have horns and bells. Helmets: Bike helmets may seem restrictive but wait till you catch a glimpse of the variety of helmets you come across when you buy beach bike accessories. Bike seats: Seats are a crucial part of the beach bikes.

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