Senin, 24 September 2012

Bicycle Pumps

Bicycle Pumps From Barbieri
Executive Bike Pump by Rob J Paulton
Bicycle pumps from barbieri, Mr. Adriano Barbieri began his well known career as a bicycle mechanic. Happily Mr. Barbieri was a brilliant man whose ingenuity and creativity brought about the invention of the world's first Chain Cleaner. Fortunately if you have the Barbieri Carb 11 function tool, you can easily extract that broken link and replace it right there on the trail. A Barbieri tool saves the day!
In addition to the multi tools, Barbieri also makes a useful mack daddy tool kit for your repairing needs. The Barbieri full sized tool kits will help you get the job done in the shop without having to search for the right tool in your standard car tool kit because these tool kits are made expressly for bicycles so the right tool is right there, all organized in a handy "always be prepared" hard shelled carrying case for quick, and hopefully easy repairs.
Throughout the past years Mr. Barbieri, along with his children Kalman and Nadia have taken Barbieri PNK to all new heights of advancement with the addition of multi-tools, double function pocket bicycle pumps and other cycling accessories. 
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