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Kona Bikes

Kona Mountain Bike - For Performance and Quality

Executive Summary about kona bikes by mike Penny

The Kona mountain bike is a specially designed mountain bike for the serious rider who is looking for performance functionality and top quality. Jake Heilbron, Dan Gerhard and Joe Murray founded Kona in 1988. As well as specializing in high performance mountain bikes, Kona also produce touring and racing bikes, kids and women's bikes. In addition to their bikes and associated products, Kona also have an interest in bike parks. Their primary interest is the Whistler Blackcomb Bike Park in Canada, where riders are able to hire Kona bikes. The early names of Kona mountain bikes came from Hawaiian and volcanic names. They included, Cinder Cone, Fire Mountain, Lava Dome, Hot, and Explosive. The bike names have evolved with the bikes themselves although, not without controversy.

Freeride, All Mountain, XC Race, Trail.

Tips on Buying a Kona Mountain Bike

Executive Summary about kona bikes by Rileys R

Purchasing a Kona mountain bike is a great investment because they are known for their years and years of great service. In buying a Kona bike, you have the option to visit a bike dealer who is willing to sit down with you and discuss the requirements and traits of the bike that would best fit your riding type and body size. Buying Kona bikes is compared to buying luxury cars, the standards and quality is high, and so is the cost.

There are other models of bikes that are designed to endure mountain range riding. While talking to a Kona dealer, ask them about bike and riding accessories too. Kona mountain bikes are a great investment for every cyclist or bike enthusiast.

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