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The History of Pit Bikes

Executive summary abaut bike engine by Jan Klaas
Teh history of pit bikes. Originally a pit bike was a bicycle to get racers and mechanics from here to there in the pits. In the 1950's people started using the classic "mini-bike" to navigate the pits. The 4-stroke, horizontal engine which is considered as the basis for a great deal of pit bike engines today, became popular thanks to the introduction of the Honda Super Cub 50. Millions and millions were produced. Mechanics and racers liked to use these bikes to get around in racing pits. The honda Z50 mini trail was the first small Honda motorcycle produced to go off-road. This bike quickly became the first bike they ever rode for a lot of big names.
These bikes started to be mass copied by Chinese manufacturers.
Breaking In Your Pocket Bike Engine
Executive summary abaut bike engine by Gerry Korsten
A new pocket bike must be broken in correctly if you want the bike to function correctly. Opinions vary significantly on the correct way to break in a bike. We will discuss two widespread methods to break a pocket bike in. Heat cycling means you run the engine at idle or barely above idle for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. After this time the engine will be right below the normal operating temperature. Then you turn the engine off and let the bike cool down. When you have finished this process, run the bike at an easy pace for about 1 full tank of gas. Don't put stress on the engine and avoid high RPM.

By accelerating, decelerating and hitting varying RPMS you will break in the engine. Although you don't have to ride the bike too hard, you also shouldn't ride so slowly that the clutch never completely engages or you will burn out the clutch. When you are breaking your bike in, your oil and gas mixture will be slightly different than during normal riding. If your ratio is correct the plug's insulator will be a medium tan-ish color. 
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