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Bianchi Bikes

Ever Heard of Bianchi Bikes?
Executive Summary abaut Bianchi Bikes by John jacoby
Yes, there is such a thing called a Bianchi Bike. It's also a favorite among the fixed gear bike community.
A little about Bianchi Bikes
Formed by Edoardo Bianchi in Milan, Italy, Bianchi Bikes was founded in 1885 (that's old!). Known as one of the worlds oldest bicycle companies, Bianchi is known for race bikes, track bikes, leisure bikes, and even fixed gear bikes of the modern age. Bianchi in the US.Today, Bianchi makes bikes in the following categories: Ducati Corse, Hors Categorie, Born For Performance, Coast 2 Coast, Dama Bianca, D2 Special, Classica, Road Steel, MTB (mountain bikes )Performance, MTB Leisure, Sport, and Cross-Terrain. Also today, fixed gear fanatics like Bianchi bikes for their history, designs, and prestige (they also look great with Campagnolo parts).
Known from originating in Italy, Bianchi bikes now split their production in Italy and Taiwan. In the U.S., the majority of Bianchi bikes sold are made in Taiwan. Famous Riders
Traditional Bianchi Green
Regardless of the reason, Bianchi Green is part of the tradition and recognizable by Bianchi fans the world around.
So, Do You Want a Bianchi?
If you're thinking about getting your first road/mountain bike, Bianchi is definitely a brand to check out.
Bianchi Road Bikes
Executive Summary abaut Bianchi Bikes by Steve Brig
Bianchi Road Bikes are made in Italy and have a long history. Bianchi Cycles are also made in the USA California by the Bianchi USA division of the cycle makers and also produced in a cycle factory in Taiwan solely for the American market.
When Bianchi sponsored Italian Road Rider Costante Girardengo their bicycle sales grew by 70,000 in one year alone. Celeste is probably the most recognisable colour from any bike maker in the world and as such is a great advertising vehicle for the excellent Bianchi Road Bike range.
Bianchi are one of the largest producers of Bicycles in Europe and the top maker in their homeland of Italy they do not exclusively cater for the top end Road cycle market and produce bikes of all types and price ranges including Touring bikes and bianchi mountain bikes.

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