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Riding A Bike To Work To Lose Weight And Lower Stress

Executive summary abaut bike to work by Tom Bradley
Riding A bike to work to lose weight and lower stress. Riding a bike to work is a great complement to your weight loss program. I love to ride bikes. I love bikes in general and see beauty and purpose in every bicycle. I just can help but ride around with a big smile on my face!
I've always been romanced by the idea of commuting on my bike to work. Riding a bike is an excellent way to promote fitness and weight management. Exercise, like riding a bike, also lowers stress. Setting your bike up properly will make it much more fun and promote you to ride even more.
Choosing The Right Bike And Gear
You don't see fenders much on bikes these days but they are a must-have accessory for serious commuting. Mountain bikes are popular and lend themselves well to commuting. Choose a narrow tire without aggressive knobby tires for a smooth and solid ride on pavement. Keep the tires inflated to maximum pressure and your bike will roll smoother and require less effort to pedal.
If your commute means riding before dawn or after dark you'll want good quality lights. Using panniers is more comfortable than a back pack and make the bike easier and safer to ride by keeping the weight low.
One of the most common concerns of someone who is just starting to ride a bike is comfort on the seat. There are many high-quality special saddles but my advice is ride with what comes on your bike for a while. Several bicycle companies such as Trek and Specialized now make bikes designed specifically for commuting and there is no better place to get good advice about setting your bike up than at your local bike shop. Riding a bike is an excellent low impact and fun way to both lose weight and save money.
Riding a Bike to Work - Health and Environmental Benefits
Executive summary abaut bike to work by Kim B Brown
People deserve to know that riding a bike to work has many benefits. Biking is a good form of active exercise. It helps improve blood circulation, promotes good balance and coordination, helps in achieving good cardiovascular health and is an excellent stress reliever as well.
Riding a bike to work is good for the body. Bicycles are environment-friendly vehicles and unlike cars and other automobiles, they do not emit smoke. Choosing to ride a bike instead of driving a car, and at the same time promoting this environment-friendly practice, is actually a worthwhile and noble advocacy. There are several countries all around the globe that are considered "bicycle countries". In Holland, bicycles are essential parts of the daily lives of people. In Amsterdam, 40% of daily commuters use the bike. Riding a bike to work is also very cost-effective. Imagine the big difference between bike maintenance and car maintenance. Choosing to ride the bike can help you save bucks so that you can afford more important necessities or you can increase your savings.
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Choosing The Right Bike Tire

Executive Summary about bike tires by Laurence Vinn Jacobsenn
Chosing The right Bike tire. One of the most essential parts of the bike is of course its bike tire. A bike tire has different classifications created to suit a biker's need. The most common is the clincher tire. This type of tire is usually used in road bikes.
Bike Tires
This type of bike tire is quick and aggressive hence, it is thin and light. Then there is the mountain bike. It is built to handle challenges that are on the mountain trails or off-roads. It is built with sturdy rubber and a knobby thread. This type of bike tire is therefore not recommended for road or racing bikes because it will hold on to the pavement making your travel slow and hard.
Interestingly, this type is built for making tricks with your bike.
How to Put New Bike Tires on Rims
Executive Summary about bike tires by Allan Cassidy
What if you are riding your bicycle and your tire suddenly went kaput? You should know how to put those new bike tires on the rims of the wheel. Rim is what they call the circular metal where the tire is mounted on. Step 1: You will need the right size of bike tires, of course. Step 4: Once the tire has significantly deflated, it will be easier to detach it from the rim. Just push the screwdriver between the tire and the rim. Slowly pry the tire including the inner tub away from the rims. Just insert it in the new tire you have bought. Locate the bike rim hole and insert the tire stem in there. Proceed by inserting the rest of the tire in a circular motion. Step 7: Place the wheel back in the bicycle again and reattach the bolts. Now you can inflate the tire.
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Using An Online Internet Bike Store To Get bike

Executive Summary about bike online by Tim Gorman
Using an online internet bike store to get bike. If you cannot find the bike that you want at a good price at you local bike store then you might have to look further afield. Some of the major bike stores that are in the bigger cities have some very good prices.
Some of the larger Internet bicycle store has a great selection and you can get very good deals on a wide range of bikes. If you know what you want, then you can try to find the best price for that bike.
The best-known Internet bicycle store is of course eBay. You can also get great used bikes there. There a lot of good places to buy bikes online and if you find a good Internet bicycle store then you can enjoy some really good savings.
Choosing a Bicycle
Executive Summary about bike online by Jerry Goodwin

Bike Store
Wal-Mart is the largest bicycle retailer in the US. Target and other discount stores also sell many bicycles. While most of these bikes are bought by adults as gifts for children, many are indeed purchased for adults,
In 1998 I took that bike a 26' Roadmaster on a ride around South Georgia to help raise money for the Bikes or Bust which is operated through the Toy's for Tots Organization of the Marine Corps Reserves. I personally rode that bike 50 miles a day for 3 days. That was when full suspension bikes were just really hitting the market. The Roadmaster was not a full suspension bike and was purchased for 49.00 plus tax. There are many types of bicycles, such as BMX bike, Road Bikes, or Mountain Bikes. In the BMX line you will also hear the term Cruiser used to describe a bike that looks like a solid framed mountain bike, but has only one gear. There are also variations in the Mountain Bikes there is what is known as a hard tail as well as a full-suspension bike. If you are planning on getting the bicycle as a way of getting some exercise, then you can probably pick up a nice bike at any department store 70 to 80% of bikes bought for that reason usually end up in the garage until they get sold at a yard sale anyway.
A good shop will help you pick out a bike that fits your needs or the needs of the person you are getting the bike for. Often a shop can get you a good deal on a used bike, saving hundreds of dollars.
Jim Lau owns Cycle World in Albany Georgia. When we were looking to get our grandson a new bike we went to a shop that specializes in BMX Bikes. The closest shop that had the SE bikes was in Columbus Georgia, so we met Aaron Oney there and found not only a good bike shop and a great deal on a bike but also a new friend. I now have friends all over Georgia and even other states like Alabama, Ohio, and Texas that own Bike shops. If you want to get the best deal on a high quality bicycle then a bike shop is your only answer.
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How to Choose the Right Size Road Bike

Executive summary abaut bike sizing by Winston Endall
how to choose the right size road bike. Choosing the right size road bike can be tricky as they don't all fit the same. Two companies models listed as the same size can have vastly different measurements. When a company lists the size of a road bike frame it is some variation of the length of the seat tube. That point can be the center of the top tube, top of the top tube, top of the seat tube or some virtual point that isn't even on the frame. Add in sloping top tubes and this can get really complicated.
To compare the size of frames you should look at the effective top tube length and headtube length. If choosing between two models that have a slight variation in top tube length you can compensate with a longer or shorter stem. When figuring out a frame size for a client I will take measurements of inseam length, torso length, arm length and shoulder width. You can also search for online size calculators that instruct you on how to take your measurements and calculate the correct size.
Get the Right Bike Size and Frame

Executive summary abaut bike sizing by Phill Charter

The Grand Bicycle Ride
The heavy frames came with laid back angles, and with long wheel bases. Even steel bicycle frames progressively got lighter by making the tubes thinner, and joining them without using lugs.
Bicycle frames revolutionized when alloy tubes came into the picture. Most people now go for alloy bicycle frames, often combining with carbon forks, carbon chain and seat stays in some cases.
Mix and Match - Bicycle Parts
We would basically buy the best bicycle frame that we can afford, add the right bicycle parts, and see that they fit well.
Getting the Right Bike Size
The most basic element of sizing a bike frame is commonly referred to as its height. A road bike frame's height is normally thought to be ideal if it is 67% of our inseam length. A mountain bike is however ridden on a much smaller frame.
Frame sizes are affected by the unique configurations of our body, and which can be accommodated by differences in frame geometry, top tube length, seat post height, and/or saddle angles, handlebar width, and slant, or even crank length.
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Cycling Shorts

Executive Summary abaut Bike Short by Cem Sinan

Cycling shorts, also referred as cycle, or bike shorts, are legwear that cyclists wear while cycling. They have a tight-fit design just like cycling shirts and aim to decrease the air resistance, protect the skin of the cyclist, wick the moisture away from the skin and cool down the cyclist and tighten the legs to keep the cyclist energetic. The seat and crotch areas contain synthetic chamois. Men's and women's biking shorts also differ. There are different kinds of cycling shorts. Elastic waistband may cause discomfort to the cyclist. There are also baggy shorts for cycling. As mentioned before, biking shorts keep the upper leg muscles (quadriceps) tight by wrapping around them
How to choose best cycle shorts?
The padding must be stitched well. The gel cycling shorts are considered good, too. Some of the most popular brands are: Cannondale, Pearl Izumi, Sugoi, Canari, Assos, Castelli, Descente, Endura, Giordana Nalini, Pro cycling, Santini, Shebeest , Falconi, Voler, Verge, Discovery Channel, Veloce, Hoss, Race Tech and Zoic.
Good Reasons To Wear Bike Shorts
Executive Summary abaut Bike Short by Fabian toulouse
Bike shorts
Cycling is a wonderful pastime. Flappy jackets create wind resistance. Bad clothing choices have an impact. One of the most painful choices, however, is opting not to wear proper shorts.
The first advantage of cyclingshorts is the fabric from which they are made. Between the close fit and the synthetic material, cycling shorts provide comfort while you ride and help prevent chafing and rashes. Finally, as these shorts fit so tightly, they effectively hug or compress the thigh muscles, cutting down on muscle fatigue.
When looking for shorts to wear cycling, the best material is lycra. You would not ride horseback or play football without protection, right? 

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Get a Hitch Bike Rack and Keep Your Bike Safe

Executive summary abaut bike rack by Andrew Caxtown
Get a hitch bike rack and keep your bike safe. If you've got a pickup truck or an SUV, you may think that you don't need to make an investment in a bike rack of any kind, because there's plenty of room in the back of the truck or your sports utility vehicle for a bike or two. You can't get a roof rack for your truck, obviously, and the roof of your SUV will be too high to comfortably lift a bike up to the roof.
No problem - if you've got a trailer hitch on the back of your truck or SUV, then all you need to do is get a receiver bike rack, more commonly known as a hitch bike rack. Everybody Wins with a Receiver Hitch Bike Rack
You can buy a hitch rack that will carry up to five bikes at a time.
If you've got a pickup or an SUV, then you've invested a lot in your vehicle. You've probably also invested a lot in your bike as well.
Bike Racks - How to Choose the Right One

Executive summary abaut bike rack by Mark S mayes

Selecting the right bike rack can be a challenge. There are basically 4 types of bicycle racks available today.
 Roof Mounted Bike Racks
Roof mounted bike racks are a popular choice for bike storage and transportation today. If you have a roof rack already mounted on your vehicle it makes this a much easier choice. However, there are some versions that work without a car roof rack.
Flying rocks and debris can hit the bike and cause damage.
Hitch Bike Rack
There are other versions available that allow the bike to swing away so the rear of the vehicle can be accessed. Many people like this type of a bike rack because the bicycle is protected from flying debris.
Truck Bed Bike Rack
This type of a rack firmly attaches to the bed of the truck and can carry one or more bikes. This works great as compared to just throwing bikes in the back of the truck. Using this type of a rack protects the bikes from getting damaged or bent. 

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How To Buy Bicycle Components And Bike Clothing Online

Executive Summary about Bike Oline by Andrew Caxton
How to buy bicycle component and bike clothing online. At one time you could only buy cycling equipment at your local cycle shop, if they had what you wanted or you had to hope they could order it and then you would have to wait for it to come and hope it was the right size, colour or price. Then cycling magazines started to have adverts for the bigger stores and you could post off a cheque and wait for your prized article to arrive. Look them up on the web, go through the search engine or if you have a particular make in mind, find them online and if you can't try some in a shop, this is best, because size can be a problem, one manufacturer size 9 could be a half size bigger or smaller than another company, and most of the best cycling shoes are Italian, so remember that European sizes are very different from American or English sizes, and German shoes are wider and Italian shoes are narrower and you may be looking for a size 44 or 45, so try as many different shoes you can and then make your decision. Sizes of helmets, like shoes can vary, so if it is possible to try before you buy, then make sure it's a comfortable fit, the big difference between cycle shoes and helmets is that helmets come with different pads to go inside so you can make the helmet fit exactly, which could help if you've ordered the wrong size, this is not something you can do with cycling shoes.
Bike Online 
Executive Summary about Bike Oline by Melanie R Thomas
Kid's bikes, also known as Balance bikes, can easily be found online or through a trusted retailer service. This guide will help you find kids bikes in the UK and also guide you on what you should be looking for when purchasing a balance bike for your child.
Where to find Kids Bikes
You can find kids bikes online.
What to look for in a Balance Bike
When purchasing a bicycle for your child you need to keep certain things in mind. There are certain factors that make balance bikes different, even though they are specifically made for children.
Always buy an adjustable balance bike. Find a manufacturer that gives adjustable handlebars and adjustable seats. Footrests. If your balance bike doesn't have footrests it can be an uncomfortable experience for the child.
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All About Bike Locks

Executive summary abaut bike lock by Joseph Devine

All Abaut Bike Loks. No one wants to have their bike stolen. As such, it is important to know all about bike locks as a theft deterrent.
Bike locks are physical security devices that are used on bicycles to prevent theft. They fasten bikes to a bike rack, bike stand, or other immovable object. Unfortunately, for all of the innovations in bike locks over the years, there is still difficulty in securing a bike adequately. The most secure method of locking a bike involves locking the wheels and frame together and then to an immovable object. It's important to check that the immovable object to which the bike is locked is not short enough that the bike can be simply lifted over the top.
Locks vary in size and security. This protects not only the bike from theft but also anything else that might be on the bike.
Locking Your BicycleMountain bikes can be used for trail riding, road bikes can be used for racing or distance riding, cruisers can be used for leisure rides, but every bike has something in common with every other bike. If you use your bicycle as a mode of transportation, it is important to have a bike lock. On top of that, it is important to have a good bike lock. While any lock will deter the average person from stealing your bike, you need a good lock to ward off the people who are out to steal your bike. When you lock your bike to a bike rack, you should make sure that your frame and front 
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Lowrider Bikes History

Executive summary abaut Lowrider Bikes by Alastair Hamilton
Lowrider bikes history, one of the most splendid and unique products of this culture, are a cross between the Harley and the cruiser bike, decorated with paint and chrome and streamers, found in any all-American hometown parade.
As you might surmise, lowriding bikes hug the ground. The seat of a lowrider bike is down at wheel level and its pedals are sometimes higher than the seat! These bikes are typically a highly individualized creation. Despite the fact that these bikes originated within the poverty of the barrio, lowrider bikes are anything but cheap. As the baby boomer generation ages and feels increasing twinges of back pain riding on the dropped handlebars of road bikes, expect to see more and more lowrider and recumbent bikes alike.
And once you get your first basic lowrider bike, don't be too surprised if you find yourself flipping through the real or online pages of a lowrider parts catalog musing, "Hmm
Express Your Personality With the Lowrider Bike
Executive summary abaut Lowrider Bikes by Andrew Caxtown
The lowrider bike is also known as a "Chopper" or "Muscle Bike." What does a lowrider look like? The handgrips of the lowrider are the highest part of the bike, and the seat of the bike is down at wheel level. Whitewall tires, custom upholstery, chrome rims...the whole range of exotic accessories lies before the new lowrider owner. The Aztlan Lowrider Cruiser retails for $120, and consists of the lowrider frame, and wheels, a bent spring fork, bent sissy bar, and the banana seat. Then there's the Aztlan Gold Continental Lowrider, that comes with a gold flat twisted continental kit with chrome classic wheel, two gold mirrors, a gold bumper, and a gold bullet light. Among other styles Aztlan offers is the Birdcage custom - consists of the lowrider frmae, straight spoke wheels, a bent spring fork and sissy bar, banana seat, and a birdcage handlebar, seat post, birdcage pedals and nut covers, and a duck tail fender! 
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Marin Bikes 5.8 Full-Suspension Bike

Executive Marin Bikes by Nikki Maidment
Marin Bikes 5.8 Full-Suspension Bike. Marin bike company was set up back in 1986 by Bob Buckley who still owns and runs the corporation. Although they are a mature company, the technologically advanced bikes produced in their factory are far from old-hat. Marin produced exceptional bikes with the help of their computer software design which simulates conditions more severe than any cyclist would normally endure. The 2010 Marin Mount Vision range is no exception to the consistently high quality produced by the Marin developers. This trail bike incorporates the Quad Link 2.0 suspension system which has been named one of the most sophisticated full suspension system ever created and has a head angle of 68.5° which is said to be the perfect angle. The Mount Vision range is available alongside a wide range of other Marin Bikes. They are best known for Marin mountain bikes however they also provide innovative and unique models of road, women's and children's bikes as well as cyclocross bikes ready for racing.
 Speak to Nature With Marin Mountain Bikes
Executive Marin Bikes by James A Tang
Marin mountain bikes have been specially engineered to enjoy your little trysts with Mother Nature. Their strong full suspension rods and well designed brakes are designed to make your mountain biking experience beyond just memorable. There are bikes to match everyone's style. So if you are just a casual mountain biker, who rides mountains to be able to watch the view from the top, or a hard core rider, whose heart's desire is to conquer the wickedest peaks, Marin Mountain Bikes have a solution for you.
Marin tests the pedals of Marin mountain bikes on mountains just outside of San Francisco, which is said to be the birthplace of mountain biking.Marin Mountain bikes are of extremely good quality.
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